Random Parts is a fully realized, remotely recorded rock project from songwriter Jonathon Brannon. 

In this new incarnation, Random Parts embrace a more commercially appealing Pop/Rock aesthetic, setting Jonathon’s signature songwriting, and a collaboration of talented vocalists, against a backdrop of crunchy guitars, heavy drums and memorable hooks. 

The resulting sound will appeal to fans of bands like Nickelback & Daughtry, while pushing the genre into bold new territory. 

Random Parts is poised to be a fixture in modern rock for years to come.


Lick It Up

Random Parts

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Enjoy this epic cover of the iconic KISS tune! A great modern take, with an original rap verse, while staying true to the original!

If you purchase here, you'll also get a bonus version of the song, which features Last in Line frontman, Andrew Freeman on vocals! You won't find this version anywhere else!

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